This area will serve to answer many of the most popular questions that we field regarding the event. 


Basic Questions

Q. Are the events certified and can I make it to Boston?

     A. Our Full and Half marathon are USATF certified courses, meaning that you can use them for qualification at other events. Last year, we had 17           people run minimum Boston Qualifying times. A number of these were able to register for Boston, based on the adjusted time. 

Q. What time does the race start?

     A. The Full marathon and Half Marathon will start at 7am at the Salisbury City Park. The 5k will start at the Downtown Plaza at 7:30. 

Q. Where does the race start?

     A. The start line for the Full and Half marathon are over near the Bandstand area of Salisbury City Park. The start line for the 5k is the Finish Line            for the Full and Half Marathon. 

Q. Where do I park?

     A. Participants are encouraged to park at the City of Salisbury Parking Garage (110 Circle Avenue). From there, a shuttle bus will take you to the           Start line for the Full and Half. You will end your day about 2 blocks from your vehicle. 5k participants should NOT get on the shuttle, as               your Start line is 2 blocks from the garage. 

Q. What about my stuff (Full and Half marathon participants)?

     A. We will have complimentary gear check at the Start area. You WILL need to use a bag that we provide to you that is clear plastic, for security             reasons. These bags will be provided at Packet Pickup

Q. And then where do I pick my stuff back up?

     A. Last year the bag pickup was located directly behind the music stage. You will be provided with a gear check ticket to attach to your bag on              race morning. 

Q. What if your REFUND POLICY?

     A. Signing up for any of our events is a commitment to the event, and therefore no refunds will be allowed for the event. Should you not be                 able to participate in the event, you have the option of a BIB TRANSFER to another person. Once the other person accepts your transfer                     request they will pay for their registration (with a $10 additional charge) and you will receive a full refund. You may also GIFT your registration           to someone and they will only pay a $10 transfer fee. You will NOT receive any monetary refund.


Q. Is there a packet pickup?

     A. We are working with our friends at Salisbury University for our packet pickup. Once we have the final times, we will send out an email to                   everyone. Packet Pickup will be on Friday night, before the race. 

Q. I can’t make it on Friday night, what do I do?

     A. We will have packet pickup on race morning (April 6, 2019) at the appropriate Start Line areas. That means the Full and Half can only pick up             their packet at Salisbury City Park and the 5k at their Start line on Downtown Plaza. THESE PACKET PICKUPS WILL CLOSE 15 MINUTES                   BEFORE THE START OF YOUR EVENT – FULL/HALF AT 6:45 AM AND 5K AT 7:15

Q. Could I still register at Packet Pickup?

      A. Yes you can. Please bring some form of payment (cash or charge) and your photo ID when you come to Packet Pickup. 

Q. So I am going to pick up my packet on race morning, but I’m doing the Full/Half and will be away from my car, what do I do?

     A. Remember, you will receive a clear plastic bag to store your gear in, and we will transport it over to the Finish line for you. This bag is big                   enough for basic clothes, so please make sure to wear appropriate clothing when coming over to pick up your pakcet. 


Q. How much time do I have to finish the course?

     A. The Full and Half Marathon course have an 8 hour cutoff (based on the Full Marathon). In order to stay in front of our sweep vehicles, you                 must maintain an 18 min 30 sec/mile pace. If you fall behind this, the race sweep vehicle will pick you up and bring you to the finish line. This           is necessary to have the roads re-open for public use. 

         The 5k, technically, has a 7 hour 30 minute cutoff time, as you start 30 minutes after the full marathon and you are on the last 1.55 miles of               the marathon course. 

Q. Is the course marked? 

     A. Not only is the course marked with arrows on the ground, but you will find a friendly volunteer at almost every turn along the course. Each               mile is represented by a local business and is clearly marked. 

Q. Are there water stops?

     A. There are water stops almost every 1.5 miles. These water stops will have nutrition items (Gatorade, Clif Bars, Energy Gels, Water) as well as a             porto-john!

Q. Is there vehicular traffic on the course?

     A. We try to work with local law enforcement to keep vehicles from the route. Sometimes, one may sneak by, but locals are given warning about           the event and we have not had any issues. 

Q. I am running the Full. Will I be able to see my friends running the Half?

     A. Absolutely! The Full and Half course share the first 10.8 miles of the course, before the marathon splits off. You are welcome to run together             the whole time!!

Q. Are there Pace Groups?

     A. Yes there are! We utilize our friends over at Beast Pacing and offer the following pace groups!

               Marathon (h:mm) – 3:35, 3:50, 4:05, 4:20, 4:35, 5:00 and 5:30

               Half marathon (h:mm) – 1:40, 1:50, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45, 3:00

Q. Can my friends and family come out and run or bike with me?

     A. Unfortunately they cannot. The only pacers that you can use are the ones provided by Beast Pacing. If a bicyclist seems to be out on the                    course, aiding another runner, that runner may be disqualified and the cyclist asked to leave the course. 

Q. But I thought I saw cyclists on course last year… what gives?

     A. You did! We had our friends from Shore Velocity and BikeSBY out on course last year as another set of eyes, to make sure that the course was           safe. This year we will also be adding newly certified Salisbury Fire Department EMS members, to render aid, should it be necessary. 

Q. What is this “Bail Out” I keep hearing about on the news?

     A. The Salisbury Marathon and Half Marathon are unique in our certifications. Both the Start and the Finish Line are in the same place for both             courses, meaning that if you get to the 10.8 Mile Marker (Woodland and Riverside Drive) and you are registered for the Full Marathon, you               have the OPTION of turning right and completing the half marathon course. Should you do this, our timing will automatically change you                 from the Full Marathon to the Half Marathon and you will still be awarded a finish time for the half marathon, and not be disqualified. 


Q. Will I get a medal?

      A. ABSOLUTELY!!! All finishers will receive a medal upon completion of their race. These medals are specific for each event, so everyone will get            a little something different. The Full Marathon medals are a whopping 4 inches round!

Q. Are there awards for Age Group?

     A. There are! In the Full Marathon, Half Marathon and 5k, each has the following awards for Male and Female:

          Overall (Top 3) , 19 and Under, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70 and Over

Q. Is there anything to do at the finish?

     A. If you are over 21, we invite you to enjoy a beer with us at our beer truck, as a part of your registration package. If you are spectating, beer               will be for sale after 10am. 

Q. What about for the kids?

     A. We are working with local organizations to make sure that we have activities for the kids to participate in.

Q. Any entertainment?

     A. Our friends over at AMP Studios (Academy of Music Performance) will keep things Rockin’ and Rollin’ for the entire event! These kids can,                 quite literally, ROCK!!!